Cast of “Airplane!” Return To The Cockpit
One of the all-time greatest comedy films was 1980's Airplane! This hilarious spoof of the many "disaster" films released during the 1970's became a classic, and paved the way for the Naked Gun series of films, created by the same group of creative zanies, Jim Abrahams and brothers Jerry a…
Texas Olympics License Plates Available
Let the Games begin! The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are less than a week away, and the United States Olympic Committee has licensed to release an official Team USA plate design for Texas. Show your support for Team USA and get yours at
“The U.S. Olympic Committee is proud to…
Bring your Valentine and get a Sweetheart of a Deal!  During the Coastal Bend Boat and RV Expo, February 14-16 at the RIchard M. Borchard Fairgrounds, Robstown.  Get a close view of some of the finest Boats and RVs available this year...
Area School Closures, Late Starts
With the threat of temperatures hovering near or at freezing in the overnight/early morning hours tonight and tomorrow. some area schools have announced they will be closed, or starting classes late. We have the latest listings here!
Magic Piano!
Recently, Amtrak put a very special interactive piano into Chicago Union Station. The piano could "react" to people nearby, and even interact with people who played it (and other instruments)! This is sure to make you smile!
Latest Road Conditions From TxDOT
Here is the latest update on Texas road/highway conditions, courtesy of TxDOT:
*****   Sunday 12/8/13 5 p.m. UPDATE   *****
Roads much better, but bridges remain a probl…
Earl Pitts 10/24/13: Cruise Fishing
Mr. and Mrs. Pitts went on a cruise recently. Now, when Earl Pitts gets on a boat, it is generally going to involve fishing. So, why should this "boat ride" be any different? Earl didn't seem to think it should. If you missed the story, we have it for you here.
Earl Pitts 10/16/13: No Real Shutdown
Earl thinks all of the hype surrounding the threatened government shutdown is, well, hype! To help put things into perspective, Mr. Pitts has a long list of government entities that continued to be a part of our daily lives while a selected few departments were "shut down." If you …
Remembering The Alamo
My wife Sweetie and I had the pleasure of making our first visit to San Antonio last weekend. After living in Texas for just over a year, we've just barely "scratched the surface" of places we want to see in the Lone Star State. We were invited by our friend Craig Morris (who happens to be…
Check Out This Stop Sign!
According to Sydney, Australia has been having a big problem with oversized trucks driving into tunnels that are too low. So Sydney needed a stop sign that is absolutely impossible to miss. Here it is and it's amazing.

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