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Winning Lottery Ticket Purchased in Moulton
Here we go again... another multi-million dollar lottery winner in our area... but nobody knows who it is. If you remember, there was recently a winning ticket sold in Cuero. At last report, the winner had not come forward.
New Boating Rules Effective July 1
Beginning July 1, boaters must drain all water from their boat and on-board receptacles before leaving or approaching a body of fresh water anywhere in Texas.
Electric Companies Say Beware of Scammers
Another day, another way that scammers are attempting to rip you off! Read up on the latest methods thieves are using to steal your personal information and use it fraudulently. It involves you getting a phone call telling you that your power is about to be cut off...don't fall for it!
TX DMV: Your Windshield View Will Soon Be Clearer
I've lived in California (my birth state--please don't hold that against me!), Tennessee, and Arkansas before I moved to Texas in June of 2012. In all of those other states, you got your vehicle inspected as required by the state; then you took the piece of paper that showed your vehicle passed insp…
BBB: Avoid Lottery/Sweepstakes Scams
Whether it’s mail, phone or in person, con artists are using the promise of prizes and large cash winnings to steal from honest people. Victims often get an unsolicited phone call, email or letter from someone notifying them that they've won a lot of money or a prize. Better Business Bureau (BBB) se…
Somebody Hit It Big in Cuero
Someone yet to be identified bought a winning ticket worth 36 and a quarter million dollars in Saturday night's Texas Lotto drawing at a Stripes convenience store in Cuero.
A 31-Year-Old High School Sophomore?
From the "What in the World?" File:
Dateline: Longview, TX. Students and faculty at the New Life Christian School in Longview apparently aren't good judges of a person's age. Nor was the woman who took in the "sophomore" that claimed she had been abused, and her biological parents…
Video: Budweiser Clydesdales Collide
This video shows how well-trained the Budweiser Clydesdales are, and how incredible their trainers and handlers are. A mishap at the Abilene Western Classic on May 9, 2014 is caught on video, as the horse team attempts a tight turn, only to have the horses get tangled up in each other and their harn…
Top 15 Small Cities In Texas
Texans are known for being proud. We're proud of our state's history, its people and its current position as one of the leading economic powerhouses in the entire USA. We have six cities listed in the top 20 cities in the United States by population. But we also have some of the coolest, most charmi…
Publication Names H-E-B ‘America’s Best Grocery Store’
It's something we Texans know, and of which we are proud. Now, a highly-respected business publication has confirmed: when it comes to grocery stores, no other chain can beat H-E-B! These three letters are synonymous with a great, fresh grocery shopping experience throughout the Lone Star state…

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