Kittens Are The Most Adorable Sports Fans
Ask anybody who owns a cat: Cats love sports. Not because they love the interplay of human achievement at the highest level with physics and chance, or because they love statistics and analysis. No, they love sports because a small ball goes flying around, riveting their attention...
15 Dogs With Unfortunate Haircuts
Nothing can right the wrong that's been done to these dogs. You can see it in their eyes. It's just like the time when you told the lady at Supercuts you wanted to look like Winona Ryder and wound up having to shave your head (not that we would know what that's like). But it's hilarious when it's ha…
#National Dog Day
Today is National Dog Day, here is a picture of Payno who is no longer with us :(.  I welcome you to share you dog picture with us,  I know these little balls of fur are a part of some your families.  So share you dog with us!
‘Play With The Puppies’ Saturday
Are you thinking about getting a puppy? Have you considered "adopting" one? 'Play With The Puppies Day' is Saturday starting at noon at  Adopt-A-Pet, 8215 Houston Highway.

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