It’s Tamales Time In Texas!
Yesterday, a nice lady (whose name I did not get--sorry!) came by the radio station, selling homemade tamales. Now, I like them just fine, but my wife, Sweetie, just LOVES tamales! It's traditional around the Christmas season for folks to make and sell homemade tamales, most often to raise a li…
Live Nativity Scene in Olivia
If you are looking for a live nativity scene, the Bayside Community Church at 25080 Hwy 172, Olivia, Texas will have their Second Annual Live Nativity on Sunday, December 22
Magic Piano!
Recently, Amtrak put a very special interactive piano into Chicago Union Station. The piano could "react" to people nearby, and even interact with people who played it (and other instruments)! This is sure to make you smile!
Earl Pitts 12/17/13: Stupid Christmas Songs
Earl has a real problem with certain Christmas songs he considers to be "stupid." Yes, there are many holiday tunes that we all find to be annoying...if not, well, stupid! Listen as Earl lists just a few of his least-favorite holiday ditties!
Earl Pitts 12/16/13: Santa On The Radar
We're all familiar with the Christmas tradition of the North American Air Defense (NORAD) folks keeping track of Santa's sleigh on its annual trek from the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Well, wouldn't you know, this year, someone is "offended" by this "tradition." Well, all it tak…
Earl Pitts 12/13/13: Fooling Bell Ringers
It's almost unavoidable. Whenever you walk into a mall or good-sized store, you hear a bell ringing. It's always nice to make a donation to the Salvation Army. Earl's complaint is how he feels obligated to drop some money into the red bucket EVERY TIME he encounters one. Earl believes in giving, but…

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