Early Texas History Symposium in Port Lavaca
"Early Texas History: The Untold Stories Symposium" will take place at the Bauer Community Center, 2300 Texas Hwy 35 in Port Lavaca, this Friday at 6pm. Jose A. Lopez, a writer, author and historian from San Antonio, is the featured speaker.
MCB Seeks Matagorda Launch Witnesses
The Museum of the Coastal Bend at Victoria College is seeking people who witnessed spacecraft launches at Matagorda Island more than 30 years ago. On Sept. 9, 1982, Space Services, Inc. successfully launched the 36-foot Conestoga 1 rocket from the south section of Matagorda Island.
‘Cattle Drive’ at MCB
Come to the Museum of the Coastal Bend, 2200 East Red River in Victoria, for Cattle Drive! See if you can guide your herd to market, show off your roping skills, observe cow eye dissections, and more.
Victoria County Historical Commission Meeting Tonight
The Victoria County Historical Commission will hold n interesting and educational meeting tonight at 7pm at the Victoria County Archives Building, 205 W. Goodwin Street in Victoria.
"Tracing  the Roots of Frederick Hiller" is a power point presentation by Danny Hiller. Frederic…
BBB Advises: Donate To a Charity You Can Trust
September marks a month which recognizes worthy causes. The anniversary of 9/11 and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month may have people considering a donation to a charity. Last month, viral videos of people pouring ice water over their heads sparked a donation frenzy. Participants, including celebriti…
Happy National Radio Day!
You're probably unaware of the fact that today, August 20th, is "National Radio Day."
Yes, the medium that started all electronic media to come after, has its own "national day." From Marconi's first transatlantic transmission of the Morse code letter 'S' ("..." or, dit-…
Pivo and Kolaches, Cerveza and Tamales
While I was not 'raised' on Polka music (as so many here in South Texas have been), I must say I had a blast playing at the 3rd annual (and my 2nd-ever) Polka show at the Flag City Opry last night! Man, when you've got 3 or 4 horns (trumpets/saxes) playing along with the band, it sounds HUGE! I've c…

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