“Dear Kitten” Viral Video
If you haven't yet seen this video, you need to. It's so well done, from the filming to the editing, and from the writing to the voice-over actor, this is a really great, funny piece. Okay, sure, it actually turns out to be an advertisement for Friskies® cat food, but who cares? The concept of and o…
Got a hankerin' for a juicy cut of beef? Then don't miss American Legion Steak Night, Friday, June 6th at the American Legion Hall, 1402 E. Santa Rosa St. in Victoria! The event starts at 5:30 p.m., and is open to anyone who would like to attend. Enjoy a full meal of steak, salad, baked po…
Victoria County Farmers Market
Your family will love the taste of fresh fruits, veggies, and other items purchased directly from the folks who grow them. The Victoria County Farmers Market brings you a great variety of locally-grown seasonal produce, dried herbs, potted plants, free range eggs, jams, jellies, baked goods and more…
The Birthday Board
Just in case you didn't know, we take your calls weekday mornings for our daily KIXS 108 Birthday Board, sponsored by Chick-Fil-A. If someone you know is celebrating a birthday, be sure to call Skeeter at (361) 573-0108, and let him record your birthday greeting. You can start calling anytime a…
Spring Fling Chili Cook-Off Saturday
The Annual Spring Fling Chili Cook-Off, sponsored by Victoria and Surrounding Areas Chili Organization, is benefiting the VASA POD local charities. It will take place Saturday at the Colet Inn Bar and Grill
3023 Camp Colet Road.
Don’t Let an Emergency Catch You Off Guard

Here are some very timely and helpful hints from the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau on how to be prepared for an emergency situation:
In Texas, summer doesn’t just mean it’s time for vacations, it also brings hurricanes and the potential for severe storms. Hurricane hazards come in many …
Memorial Weekend Bash
The Memorial Weekend Bash, Victoria's biggest 3-day party of the year, is here! Tickets are $7 for a one-day pass or $15 for a three-day pass.
May 23: 5 p.m. to Midnight.
May 24: Noon to Midnight.
May 25: Noon to Midnight.
8 Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking Steak
Being a man (and one who lives in Texas at that), this is difficult for me to admit. But, here goes: when it comes to cooking steaks--whether I'm grilling outdoors or broiling in the oven--I just never seem to get it right. My wife Sweetie likes hers pretty rare, while I prefer medium-rare. Well, af…
Raisin VFD Fundraiser Saturday
The Raisin Volunteer Fire Department Barbecue, Auction and Raffle is being held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Martin Luther Lutheran Church.

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