How Martina McBride Stays Thin
Think about it... you hardly ever see an overweight country star. I suppose one or two of them appear to be a little "plump"... but for the most part, they look pretty fit. The thing is, they either have to actually watch what they eat, or be able to hide it well.
Why You Don’t Mess With Strangers!
I don't know if you have heard about this guy that got into a fight defending himself on a transit bus.  He is labeled the Epic Beard Guy and  this supports my theory of why you shouldn't mess with strangers.
These days you just don't know who your messing with...
Brad Paisley Gives a New Name to 2012 Tour
Over the holidays, Brad Paisley realized that his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tour name, the Cowabunga! Tour, was a smidgen outdated. So, with the dawning of 2012, it was out with the old and in with the new! Paisley will embark on his freshly-named Virtual Reality World Tour on Jan. 12.
Will Keith Urbans Voice Change?
Keith Urban recently had surgery on his vocal chords to remove a polyp.  It's been close to a month now that he was ordered to rest that voice and the next time to test it out will be in Austin!
Martina Likes Hanging Out With George
In an earlier blog I made reference to George Strait and his phenomenal achievements in the field of country music. It just so happens that I ran across a little story about Martina McBride touring with George this year.
Dierks Bentley DBTV
Here ya' go folks.  The year in review of Dierks Bentley web videos.  I have to say they were very interesting as he took a journey on an ice rink, mini-train, go-karts, fairs, and shooting guns in Texas, which is, of course, all part of being a country musician...
Angry Birds Vs Misunderstood Pigs
There is a brand new game in the app store called "Misunderstood Pigs" and personally I am looking forward to this download.  What if the pigs were really the good guys and the angry birds were just a bunch of bullies and secretly acting like the victim...
A Daring World Record
I have always been a big fan of world records.  I would love to hold a few of my own but you know there is so much that goes into it, it will take a lot of time to achieve.  These two daredevils decided to ring in the new year with incredible record-setting stunts...

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