Is Multitasking Good for You?
Multitasking may often mean that we sometimes do too many things just “okay,” as opposed to a few things “very well.” But studies show that doing a lot at once makes us feel good, hence why we engage in such behavior.
Do Women Pay More than Men for Credit Cards? — Dollars and Sense
According to a new study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, men and women aren’t equal when it comes to credit cards. It says that, on the average, women pay half a point higher on credit card interest rates than men do, even when income and level of education are factored i…
Go On and Sleep — It Won’t Make You Fat
Previous research (and common sense) indicated that getting too much or too little sleep was bad for the body and weight. It is generally accepted by researchers that oversleeping contributes to obesity, as it leaves little time for exercise and body functions.
That may not actually be the case, howe…
Best Reason to Celebrate This Weekend – Readers Poll
There is no shortage of excuses to have a good time this weekend. In addition to Earth Day on Sunday, National Record Store Day — which will feature the release of ‘Hell on Heels’ by Pistol Annies on vinyl — is on Saturday. As for today, April 20, it’s a very important day(cough, cough) for friends …
12 Obvious Signs That You Were Born Mean
They say that some people are born under a bad sign or born with a mean streak — but we’re sick to death of talking about Mel Gibson.
It turns out that those tired cliches may not be that far from the truth. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo found that people with a tendency to be meaner…

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