Earl Pitts 10/30/13: Healthcare Website
Capitol Hill testimony...fingers of blame pointing in all directions...and the government's health care website still doesn't function correctly! Today, Earl examines how the country that gave the world the light bulb, movies, and, yes...computers, can't come up with a fully-functioni…
Earl Pitts 10/29/13: Adult Costumes
With Halloween just about here, Earl has a few choice words for adults who like to dress up in "goofy" costumes on what he feels is essentially a holiday for kids! So, don't expect a compliment on your getup from Mr. PItts...that is, unless you're dressed in a couple of s…
Earl Pitts 10/28/13: Sharing Pain
We start a new week of commentaries from Earl on the subject of pain. Earl is of the opinion that when it comes to pain, women (at least Mrs. Pearl Pitts) tend to not take a man's pain seriously. You'll just have to hear today's episode to understand!
Earl Pitts 10/25/13: Properly Ogling Women
Earl's buddy Runt Wilson is on the horns of a dilemma. Of course, he seeks moral guidance from our own Redneck philosopher. The wisdom imparted by Earl is food for thought to which all men should pay heed. In case you missed Friday's episode, we have it for you here.
Earl Pitts 10/24/13: Cruise Fishing
Mr. and Mrs. Pitts went on a cruise recently. Now, when Earl Pitts gets on a boat, it is generally going to involve fishing. So, why should this "boat ride" be any different? Earl didn't seem to think it should. If you missed the story, we have it for you here.
Earl Pitts 10/23/13: Government Smokescreens
Earl is suspicious. So are his friends at the Duck Inn. One scandal after another comes screaming out of the headlines, and each one seems to draw out attention off of the previous one. Could it be, there's a reason for all of this? If you missed Earl's commentary this morning, we have it …
Earl Pitts 10/22/13: Dishonoring The Dead
Someone you know has passed away. Not necessarily someone you liked, just someone you knew. So, how do you pay your respects to someone for whom you had NO respect? That's the question on the mind of Earl Pitts today. If you missed him this morning--or just want to make sure you heard what you …
Earl Pitts 10/21/13: Redskins Name Crisis?
Well, with all of the controversy surrounding the perceived offense caused by the name of the Washington, DC professional football team. our own Redneck philosopher, Earl Pitts--Umerikan, has a few bones to pick with NBC Sports commentator Bob Costas over his recent remarks on the subject. In case y…
Earl Pitts 10/18/13: Smart Cars, Dumb People
Earl closes out the week with a rant about how our cars are getting smarter, but drivers seem to be getting dumb and dumber! With some low-brow commentary on our high-tech transportation, we present--in case you missed him today--Earl Pitts, Umerikan!
Earl Pitts 10/17/13: The Founding Fathers Disagreed, Too!
A new poll has Earl a little troubled. Apparently, a segment of the U.S. population feels that the Founding Fathers of this country would be extremely disappointed with the political bickering and infighting that goes on in Washington, DC. Mr. Pitts asks, "Is it maybe time to bring back the day…
Earl Pitts 10/16/13: No Real Shutdown
Earl thinks all of the hype surrounding the threatened government shutdown is, well, hype! To help put things into perspective, Mr. Pitts has a long list of government entities that continued to be a part of our daily lives while a selected few departments were "shut down." If you …
Earl Pitts 10/15/13: Earl’s New Website
Earl has a new website...hence, the title of this post. Yes, almost everything you've ever wanted to know about Mr. Pitts, and his family and friends, is online. Of course, the launch of PittsOff.com was not without a few Obamacare-like glitches!

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