Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Rock, paper, scissors. A classic decision making activity. It’s more reliable than the Magic 8 Ball. It helps decide who will sit in the front seat, who’s turn it is to grab a beer and who has to do the dishes, just to name a few.
But what does this game really portra…
And You Thought Coffee Was Bad.
I was looking over the front page of Yahoo the other day and noticed a story that really got me thinking. After all these years of thinking coffee is not for me, I might have to change that.
I will drink coffee only if it has loads of sugar and cream. I also really like mocha frappacinos from either …
I Brought and Bought My Boots In Victoria!
I finally bought my first pair of boots! I am from Ohio and have been here in the great state of Texas for about 5 years maybe more and I have always wanted a pair. I got my tax check in and thought I should treat myself to a good pair of boots...
Springtime is Here!
I am so happy it's almost spring time. You know what that means! Time to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine. I have to agree with my cousin Sarah in that I love driving by and seeing all these kids playing baseball. It's so rewarding to watch the kids advance from the first practice to the last g…
Trace Adkins Fails At Sign Language
If you have ever seen a music video with Trace Adkins, you might have noticed some ridiculous looking dance moves or gestures. I've noticed this the past year and he seems to be getting worse at it.

Don't get me wrong, I think Trace is an amazing country singer and overall a very good per…
The Best Barbeque In The World Is At…
It's been the focus of coutless articles, broadcasts, and arguments. Where can you find the best barbeque in the world? It just so happens that I know where it is, and, in good time, I'll tell you my top 3.
Tech Thursday: Protect Your Data
Almost all internet ready laptops, video game consoles, digital audio players and smart phone have a Wi-Fi connection. (Wi-Fi (pronounced wye-fye) is a trademark of the Wi-F i Alliance) So, how secure are you? The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched of a campaign to urge computer users to set-up their ro…
I Think You Need A Lawnmower!
No not that type of lawnmower.  Over the weekend I went out to the Beer Garden at the Victoria Livestock Show and was introduced to a new type of beer called Lawnmower.  It was amazing, I tell ya, and perhaps a new favorite of mine. 
Lawnmower is a beer from the Saint Arnold Brewing Co…
Have You Ever Been To Moody Gardens?
If you have never been to experience Moody Gardens, your missing out on a lot of fun. Make plans sometime this year to enjoy a relaxing weekend at Moody Gardens on Galveston Island.
When 4 Billion Isn’t Enough
I’m not sure if you have heard the news, the end of the internet is near. That is IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4). As a home owner should you be worried about that router and network adapter? Maybe. Let the upgrade to IPv6 begin!
Tips And Tricks For Windows 7
I thought I would share a few tips I came across from win7news.net that could help solve some specific computer problems. Provided for informational purposes only, of course.
Can You Line Dance? If So, Alan Jackson Needs You.
Getty Images I'm sure most of you know how to line dance.  After all this is Texas!  If you are pretty decent at it though, record yourself doing a line dance to help  with clean, safe drinking water.  I know you're thinking what does line dancing have to do w…

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