Top Insect Repellents
It is definitely that time of year for being outdoors.  It doesn't matter if you go camping, golfing, swimming, if you plan a bbq, or just taking a walk, insects and more specifically mosquitoes are here and hungry. 
I was searching around and found the best repellents to use during th…
Upgrade? Maybe You Should Wait
Stand Alone
GPS Navigators vs. GPS Smartphone Apps
Most modern smartphones have built-in maps and GPS units. But those built-in apps don't give turn-by-turn audio directions, like those you may be used to from a dedicated GPS. You can buy apps that give turn by turn directions, but they tend to be exp…
The Business Of Country Music
Sometimes we forget, but country music is a business... a BIG business. Have you ever thought about how much revenue is generated by a performer like Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw?
It’s Summertime!
In case you didn’t know from the 100 degree temperatures, it’s Summer time!! For me that means all 3 of my children are at home, for the most part, 24 hours a day. This can be good and bad.
Some of the things I love about Summer include staying in bed until after 8 a.m. Granted, I usually don’t slee…
Tech Thursday: Can’t get your Emails to leave the premises?
If you use Outlook and have been running into the problem of sending emails, such as it goes into the outbox and just sits there.
To get it to "leave the premises," you have to open up the Outbox folder and click Send again. From what I seen and heard this is a rather common problem and ca…
Free Talking Tom App Provides Audio Fun!
How about a talking cat for you or especially your kid to play with?  It's called Talking Tom and trust me you will get a kick out of this. 
It doesn't matter what age you are with this application for your phone.  I was showing a few people the other day who were my age, and then two elderly people …
Stay At Home Mom, Work Abroad Dad
This blog has taken me a really long time to write. I can honestly say that I have spent more time thinking about it and working on it than I have in any other writing assignment I have ever had. The reason for this is that I had some really inspiring women give me their stories. I want to do their …
Chamber Gives CVB The Boot
Tuesday, May 31, 2011, the Victoria Chamber of Commerce notified the City of Victoria that they will not seek to renew their contract with the city for management of the Victoria Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Citing initiatives that have been successful spin offs from the Chamber of Commerce, Pre…
Click It Or Ticket Or Kick It To The Curb?
Lately I've noticed a huge advertising campaign on radio and television. It's the 'click it or ticket' campaign. This ad campaign explains that Texas law officers are on the lookout for people that fail to wear their seltbelts.
Parking Etiquette: Six Rules To Drive By
So I went to lunch with my coworker Kristin today and it happened again... a person trying to park as close as they can to me. This *#@&!! parks almost on top of me and then realizes they can’t get out of their own car!
Really? Go ahead and try to open that door! You think you…
Splashway Family Waterpark – The Daycation Destination
Looking for a place to that says Family all over it head to Splashway Family Waterpark.
Splashway FAMILY Waterpark…Family says it all! Family oriented, family operated and promising you loads of family fun! The park attracts families of all ages throughout south-central Texas.

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