Dumb Criminals

Habitual Paint Huffer Jailed (Again)
The inhaling (or "huffing") of solvents can cause hearing loss, limb spasms, cardiac arrest, damage to the central nervous system and even frostbite to the nose.
On the bright side, the practice does make for some of the greatest mug shots ever.
Murderer Inexplicably Tattoos Confession On His Chest
Los Angeles-area gang member Anthony Garcia killed John Juarez in front of liquor store back in 2004.
He commemorated the occasion with an elaborate chest tattoo, which contained the phrase "Garcia Kills," as well as a detailed etching of the crime scene, including the Christmas lights that…
Couple Tries to Rob Charity Lemonade Stand
In an attempt to garner the title "World's Meanest Robbers," a couple in Houston held up a charity lemonade stand run by 13-year-old Chelsea Edwards and her two friends.
Gage Turner, 20, and Amber Umbarger, 21, allegedly approached the lemonade booth, inquired about the cost an…
A Recap Of March Failures
If your anything like me I love watching youtube just to see other people failing at whatever they are doing, and it just so happened that somebody caught it on camera.  I wish I had a camera for all those times I ever did something really stupid and resulted in an injury or just really hurt fo…
Man Tries to Steal Shrimp by Stuffing Bag Down Pants
While grocery shopping last Thursday, Pennsylvania resident Brian McDaniel decided he wanted to chow down on some shrimp.
Instead of paying for them like your typical consumer, he allegedly shoved the bag down his pants and tried to saunter out of the store.
DWI Offender Drinks Beer in Court
Keith Gruber of Swan Lake, NY, was an hour and a half late for his 10:30 AM pretrial felony DWI hearing in Sullivan County Court.
It would have probably been best if the 49-year-old didn't show up at all.