It's here. The cd you've been waiting for is beginning to leak to the media. Ronnie Dunn's first solo effort since the split between he and partner Kix Brooks is days away. The official date is (according to my info) February 14th... which is a little strange in itself as music release dates are generally on Tuesdays, just as movie releases are generally on Fridays.

As reported by "GAC News and Notes"; As part of the legendary duo Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie Dunn sold 30 million records. Now he’s set to add to that number with his first solo single, “Bleed Red.” It’s the first release from his upcoming solo debut album.

Produced by Ronnie and written by Tommy Lee James and Andrew Dorff, the ballad “Bleed Red” showcases Ronnie’s incredible voice and is all about the importance of forgiveness, healing and redemption.

“This song knocked me out from the first listen,” says Ronnie. ”I genuinely felt the spirit of the lyrics in my gut. It’s a really big song, and it needed to be sung.”

Click on the link below (to Youtube) to hear the song ("Bleed Red") in it's entirety: