I've talked to you several times about country stars and how they spend their time when they aren't performing, writing, or recording. What we've seen from Brad Paisley, so far, is phenominal musical talent. It is no surprise that Brad Paisley has talents far beyond what we've been allowed to see so far.

One of Brad Paisley’s biggest accomplishments last year was the release of his first book, Diary of a Player, which he co-wrote with David Wild. But, before you call Brad an “author” to his face, you should know that Brad doesn’t really see himself with that title. Brad told CMT Daily Roundup, “You can’t call me an author; I’m not an author. I am a guitar player. And I happen to have a book about that, but that doesn’t make you an author. That makes David Wild an author. It makes him a miracle worker that he was able to put my feet to the fire and get me to actually finish this thing. I’m still just a guitar player at heart.” Brad’s latest single, “Camouflage”, is out now, and his Camobunga 2012 tour kicks off January 12th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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