Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange where country music shows up on the television nowadays? Back in the days before CMT and GAC it used to be near impossible to find country music on anything but the old syndicated country shows. (Porter Waggoner, Hee Haw, etc...) Now you see newcomers (like Chris Young) showing up on a variety of shows, even daytime television.

Chris Young made his debut performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (1/17) with his current single “You.” The song was written with hit songwriter Luke Laird. Chris told CMT Daily Roundup, “He actually started putting almost like a beat together. That’s really how we got the idea for the song is we wanted this kind of tempo groove that was a little bit different. And really when we went into to make the album—just the groove, not the melody, not the words, but—‘I’ll Take You There’ The old R&B songs [Sings]. That was one of the easiest songs to do on the record start to finish.” “You” is the latest song from Chris’s Neon album.
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