As all of you heard by now we are supposed to get snow on Thursday and Friday.  I'm not a meteorologist but I say it won't happen.  The weather experts around here are calling for a 20 percent chance of light snow with highs in the mid 30's on Thursday.  Thursday night lows in the 20's with a 40 percent chance, and Friday with a 30 percent chance in the morning and afternoon. 

It will be really cold those few days but I still don't see it happening.  However, even if we get snow or not it will be cold, really cold.  These days are absolutely perfect for a fireplace if you still have one these days.

If it does snow, remember to drive slower than you normally do.  Especially if it's raining and 20 degrees.  How many times have you drove in freezing rain?  It is not fun, but sure is fun to do donuts in the parking lot when there is some.
I remember last year in December it snowed but quickly melted due to our unpredictable Texas weather.  One minute it could be 25 degrees and snowing, and then the next it will be 50 and sunny.  The next day it will get up in the 70's.
I hope you all bundle up those days as it will be cold and rainy.  It's South Texas so you never know, we could get snow, or it will be 70 outside.   I guess we will just have to wait and see, personally I hope it does snow but I just can't see it happening.  This is Texas!