Everyone in sometime in their lives they have encountered a really rude person.  You see it all the time in the food business, retail, at airports, and when your trying to renew your tags, license plates, you know some of those places you don't really care to go visit.   There is a show called Hell's Kitchen with a famous chef known as Chef Gordon Ramsay.  If you have seen the show you know what type of person he is.  For those that haven't he is sometimes rude himself.  I would call him the Simon Cowell of the food industry.

It's a reality show on Fox where Ramsay judges 2 teams in various cooking challenges.  Some can get tense as he is known for having no patience, sending a dish back and telling a team to prepare something else.  He is a perfectionist and excepts the same in the contestants.

In this video though he actually sticks up for one of the teams as they had "the complainer".  You know the type where if anything at all is wrong they will not hesitate to let you know.  But some people are just rude and will complain about the craziest things just to get a free meal.

It would be nice if we could all sometimes tell someone off when it's deserving with no consequence in return.  Gordon Ramsay certainly does it in the video.  I think it's awesome how he stood up for the team and really said what needed to be said.  Judge for yourself as you don't really see this everyday, especially on camera.