Treds Tire and Wheel in San Antonio looks normal. Stacks of tires surround busy workers doing repairs, rotations and fixing flats. But a closer look reveals some unusual details.

The tire jack is pink, the tools have polka dots, and all of the employees are women.  That's right, an all female tire shop.  They said when taking applications they poured in with women wanting the job.

The clients are a good mix of men and women. She said most people are excited about the shop and supportive, but there are some detractors. She said some have said the women should not be doing a man's job and that they should be in the kitchen "making sandwiches," but the negativity makes the women work harder.

It's not so much a mans world anymore is it.  No disrespect to anyone for that, I'm just saying that times have changed.  It's a good thing and if we had one here in Victoria I would at least try out the business.