Tonight at the Pumphouse in downtown Victoria will be a special event for you and your pet.  Plus it's a great opportunity to check out Victoria's newest restaurant before it opens to the public.  How is it that dogs get a chance to eat there before we do?  Not fair, just kidding. Unfortunately the event is sold out but get excited for next years event!

This is a great event to help further pet adoptions and provide low-cost spaying/neutering.  Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria has plenty of friends for you to come see and they are located at 8215 Houston Highway across from the airport.  You can also give them a call at 1-361-575-PETS.  They are also on Facebook, just look up Adopt a pet Victoria.

The two beautiful ladies in the picture came into the studio this morning.  Meet Koko and Jenny Fisher.  If you can't tell Koko is on the right.  You can see Koko at Adopt-A-Pet right here in Victoria