This is such a great idea, i wish I would have thought of it. Taking on the responsibilty of caring for a living creature is, well, just that... a huge responsibilty. That fact is lost on some people, but it was made abundantly clear Saturday afternoon at the Victoria Mall.

Almost 20 dogs were present at the Adopt-A-Pet puppy shower Saturday afternoon at the Victoria Mall, according to the Victoria Advocate. Carol Klages, president of the board for Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria, along with seven other volunteers, educated potential adopters about pet ownership and even spiked enough interest in a few people to adopt one of the dogs as their own. Adopt-A-Pet brought a variety of dogs to the event, including a great dane, a shih tzu mix, and a schnauzer mix, just to name a few.

Not everyone came to adopt though. Since the event is a shower, people were encouraged to stop by and drop off donations and gifts, said Klages.

For more information about Adopt-A-Pet call 361-575-7387.