Adopt A Pet of Victoria

The 'Spring Neuterathon' is Saturday, April 6th at Adopt A Pet, 8215 Houston Hwy. in Victoria.

Male cats  can get a rabies vaccination and neuter for only $20!! No appointment necessary. Drop off between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Pick up same day. Cash or check payment.

Get rid of strong, unpleasant odors/marking, lower cat's cancer risks, lessen roaming/fighting/spread of disease and help us prevent pet overpopulation by neutering your male cat! Males should be around 5 months-old or older or if testicles are visible.

We are already getting calls from people with kittens they cannot find homes for. So, please help us save lives and help make your pet healthier by spaying/neutering. You can't beat the price and you'll be glad you did! Tell your friends!