The ABC-TV hit drama series, Nashville, has brought a lot of attention to the Music City itself, with the show being shot on location, incorporating real places (and a few fictional ones) and real Country artists and other celebrities into the episodes.

Now, to be honest, I haven't seen one full episode, because it comes on WAY past my bedtime! But I found this article to be very interesting, as I lived there myself from 2000-2003. I, like so many, had to get there to find out what Twang Town was all about. But like so much of TV and the movies, some "artistic liberties" have been taken with Nashville.Check out this article by Brittney McKenna from

ABC's soapy drama Nashville has brought a lot of attention to Music City. But while the show boasts a (fittingly) killer soundtrack, it doesn't always hit the mark on what it means to live and work in what the New York Times recently deemed the latest "it" city.

Here are 17 things that Nashville gets wrong about the Athens of the South and its No. 1 export, music.


1. No one actually talks like Scarlett.


One thing you learn quickly upon moving to Nashville is that no one is actually from Nashville. It's kind of like New York, just in the South. Sure, there are some locals, but in the music industry especially, you run into a lot of transplants who followed one dream or another to this music city's doorstep. The abundance of southern-fried accents on Nashville, then, is way off the mark.


Clare Bowen's Scarlett O'Connor is the worst offender of all, affecting a drawl so over-enunciated she makes Dolly Parton sound like a New Yorker.

You can see the rest of the "17 Things" by clicking the link below. And thanks for readin' this, y'all! Bless yo' heart!