You hear lots of talk about the cost of education nowadays. Mostly, you hear about the rising cost of a college education. Very seldom do you hear about the cost of education at the high school level. The fact is, if you wish to attend a 'private' educational institution, the cost can be quite high. That's exactly what the St. Joseph High School Jubilee Auction and Race For A Brighter Future is about.

 St. Joseph High School celebrates its 14th annual Jubilee Auction, Race For A Brighter Future on May 4. Proceeds raised from the event will help fund the Educational Grant Program at St. Joseph. More than 50 percent of the school's students will receive tuition assistance with the money raised. These funds help to ensure that qualified students who wish to attend St. Joseph are not denied a quality education due to financial circumstances. Last year, qualified students were awarded $366,575.

This grand party will be at the Spring Creek Place Event Center. Attendees can cheer on a favorite horse at the virtual horse races, while John Welder's Alimento Catering provides gourmet dining. After dinner, dance the night away to the sounds of the Brent Van Sickle Orchestra. A live and silent auction, as well as other games, will be offered.

For more information, contact the St. Joseph High School Advancement Office at 361-573-2446.