The Triad High School football team in Klamath Falls, Oregon, defeated Elkton High by a score of 106-66, a combined—and astounding—172 points, setting a new state record. It looks more like a basketball score than football, as Triad scored touchdowns on 16 out of 17 possessions. The only time they didn't score was on their final possession, when they had the ball inside the Elkton 1-yard line.

"We were at the 1-foot line and took a knee on the last four plays," Triad coach Kyle Petrik told The Oregonian. "We were hoping to show some class."

In Oregon's Special District 2, point differential is a tiebreaker, so there is no evidence that Triad was trying to run up the score or embarrass Elkton; it's just that up through 35 points, teams continue to get credit for margin of victory.

Triad barely missed the state scoring record of 108 points. Thus far in 2012, they are averaging 70.5 points per game, closely trailing the 70.7-point record set by Huntington in 1969.

For a little perspective, the highest-scoring NFL game of all time took place on November 27, 1966, when the Washington Redskins defeated the New York Giants, 72-41. In college, the highest-scoring game was a bit more lopsided than either of those two contests: Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland College 222-0 on October 7, 1916. Safe to say there may have been some running up of the score in that one.